Intelligent fires by Planika

Sophisticated technology and easy design with Planika

It’s chilly outside, the windows are shut, lights dimmed, you’re cuddled on the sofa with a hot chocolate – but something’s missing. You’ve forgot to turn your fireplace on. With Planika fires wi-fi control, you can switch on your fireplace directly from the comfort of your sofa using your mobile phone. Planika joins the warmth of natural fire with advanced technology, creating highly functional bioethanol fireplaces. The uniqueness of the solutions applied allows Planika to obtain the effect of dancing flames in their natural intense colours.

A decade of development – the evolution of Planika:

Since the launch of the very first fireplace featuring a fuel cup in 2001, Planika have built steps to success, manufacturing the Jupiter fireplace and the fireplace with a spillage tray four years later. Designed to increase the safety of Planika’s products, their technology evolved. By 2010, the first fully automatic remote-controlled fireplace, which can be integrated with Smart Home System, was introduced alongside commerce technology that uses highly absorbent ceramic fibres.

Three years later, fully automatic push button fireplaces were launched – easy to assemble and user-friendly, they are the perfect solution for individual customers, allowing the enjoyment of real fire at the press of a button. In 2015, Planika introduced the first fireplace installed on a luxury yacht and launched a new automatic fireplace for kitchen arrangements, the Chili Fire. Everything to meet individual needs in custom-made projects. Since launches of new products, Planika have continued to provide high-quality fireplaces, creating an establishment for themselves.

Why choose Planika?/Bioethanol explained

“What actually is bioethanol? How does it differ from a log or gas fire?” Questions you’ve heard before? We’ll explain.
A wood-burning fireplace is a traditional type of fire, using wood cut from a tree, put in an oven to dry to minimize moisture, then used to create a natural fire. Whereas bioethanol uses a renewable energy source from plants to create a natural looking fire. A burning process emits CO2 and H2O in amounts comparable to that of human breath, this is then absorbed by plants, the sugars obtained from the plants are fermented, distilled and denatured, becoming Fanola bioethanol. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, bioethanol holds multiple benefits; there is no need for a chimney, minimal installation is needed, the flame is adjustable making it safer for home environments, it’s environmentally friendly and clean, no gas or electricity, no ash, no smoke and no smell emits from the fireplace!


These features make Planika an intelligent brand with design, technical knowledge and experience which is the basis for every model. By always paying close attention to every detail, while shaping the form and carefully selecting the highest quality materials for bioethanol fireplaces, Planika has come up with products that are in accordance with their sustainable agenda.

Providing an excessive range of indoor, outdoor, automatic and button-controlled fireplaces, there’s a product for everyone and every space. Whether an artistic feature is being added to an outdoor living space, a warming effect to a sleek Kitchen, or a simple fireplace to go in your front room, Planika has an option for you.

Want to find out more about Planika? Visit our showroom today and have one of our specialists show you our Fire Line Automatic 3. You won’t be disappointed!