How to gather ideas for your new Essex kitchen

A guide to choosing the right kitchen doors for your home

Re-designing and renovating can be a pain, especially when it comes to the heart of a home – the kitchen. Everyone wants a kitchen that shows off their personal style, is practical and wows their loved ones! Gathering ideas can vary from contemporary or traditional, to colour or accessory combinations. It’s a daunting task, but once done, your new space will be the most favoured room in your home. Like many, have you hit a wall with ideas? We’re here to help break it down for you.

In 2017, new Essex kitchen trends and styles have been surprising us in every magazine, website and blog. Whether you want a traditional 1930’s inspired shaker, a modern handle-less, or a distinctive bohemian kitchen, you need to start generating ideas from somewhere.

What to consider when mocking up ideas for your new space

Storage space

There are many features included in the design of a kitchen to make it perfect for you.
Storage is probably one of the biggest questions – How much storage do I need? Is standard storage enough? What benefits come with a pantry? When planning your new space, consider your lifestyle and how often you shop. If you’re a mother of three, you’ll most likely do food shopping more often and need all the space you can get. If you’re an older couple living alone, you may not need as much storage. Less people, less space needed.


2017 trends have been changing throughout the year, but the most intriguing is cutting-edge technology. Wi-fi enabled appliances makes using your kitchen fun and simple. Siemens feature a combi-oven including an oven and microwave in one. If you’re a coffee lover, get the additional integrated coffee maker for freshly brewed coffee daily. In our showroom, we’ve got the Neff slide-and-hide featured in the Great British Bake Off. To see how it works in person, come give us a visit!

Social life

Consider your social life and how often you have visitors. If you’re an introvert looking for your own cosy space – consider including warming touches for a more personalised space. Or are you a social butterfly and love entertaining? In that case, a TV would complement your lifestyle best, turning your kitchen into a multi-functional space.

Colour combinations and material mixes

When you’re browsing through Pinterest and Houzz, what grabs your attention? The all-white, crisp kitchen with wooden floors or the brick-laid and painted wall combo with tile flooring? Either way, using a combination of colours, textures and finishes will create a unique appearance.

What’s your budget?

A kitchen is a big investment, but a worthwhile one. Make a list of what you want in your kitchen and how much you plan on spending (be realistic). Remember a kitchen is a lifetime investment, not a 2-year contract. Take your time! For more advice, tips or help on deciding what kind of kitchen is right for you, visit our showroom or call us on 01268780991. We’d love to hear from you.